Color Scheme for 2021

For millions of us, our home has become our workplace. Sadly, gone are the days of the freelance blogger working from a coffee shop and going out on the town after your day job. To many, the setting is everything, and If the feeling of their space isn’t right, the concentration and efficiency just aren’t there. Continue reading this blog if you need to update your home’s color scheme to better suit the trends of 2021.

Blue Efficiency –

We now need to stay focused and be productive, sometimes from the very couch we nap on. This setting can no doubt become a drain. Update your home office’s interior ASAP with a coat of light blue paint. Blue is the intellectual’s color and for a softer homey vibe, we are staying away from the bright business hues. Keep your thinking and mood positive with blue.

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Calming neutrals –

People are looking for a grounded and restful environment to get through 2021. Neutrals are calming and not overly complicated to look at. Shaded outside of the primary color wheel neutrals are technically lighter and darker shades of silver, black, white, and gold. Classic examples like charcoal, grey, and khaki are will remain wonderful choices. Neutrals don’t ask as much from the eyes, but can still give a highly customized aesthetic to your home.

Light, not Bright –

Light yellows, warm pinks, emerald, or sapphire accented with attractive golds will make your home feel like a rejuvenating palace after a long day of remote work. We need each room to be a home away from home now, so the contrast of these schemes can refresh from one room to the next.

Represent nature – 

To rekindle your bond with nature after months at home, choose to add earthy textures and tones to your home’s palette. Green walls are easy on the eye and light browns are soothing and warm. Too many bright colors, all the time can overwhelm a home’s decor so add a more natural tone this year.

The essential workspace is something every American deserves right now, and we believe we can help provide that necessity. We aim to provide the best solutions for all of your interior painting needs, big or small. Thank you for reading this blog and be sure to check back soon for all the latest industry knowledge.