Don’t Forget The Ceiling! Raise These Colors To The Top!

Have you ever thought about painting the ceiling? Most of the time the walls get all of the colors as it’s the largest space in the room. What you may not realize is that the entire room is a blank canvas, including the ceiling. Every part of the room is a chance to add color whether it is meant to stand out or accent. The ceiling can really benefit your space, depending on the color you choose, and how you want to incorporate this piece into your design. Purposely incorporating that space into the design can really open up the room. Here are a few ideas and tips on why the ceiling is just as important as the walls.

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Why is white the default color?

White is a common color for a lot of difficult areas to work with. It’s a great neutral color that can work with virtually any design. It will be able to:

● Reflect light helping the ceiling become a “fifth wall” in the room. Even if the rest of the room is a darker color, the white ceiling will help to make light up the area.

● Give the illusion of depth. Light color helps lengthen the room giving it an illusion that it’s much taller than the room is.

● Easily paint. Every single paint company has a pure white and whites with different undertones. Almost every single paint color is complemented by white in one way or another.


What colors will look great on a ceiling?

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● Dark colors with light walls: This is usually the opposite of what people tend to do in their rooms. One way of making the ceiling stand out is to paint it a darker brown, blue, green, maybe even purple while the walls are a lighter color, even a white themselves.

Multiple ceiling colors: Who said the ceiling needs to be one color? If the ceiling has levels and overhangs, add more depth by making them complementing colors.

● Add a pattern: Ceilings don’t have to be the afterthought in the room. Adding a pattern on the ceiling whether it’s from using different paint colors to using textures draws the eye automatically up to the ceiling.

● Contrasting hues: Work with the color of your light fixtures or ceiling fans. If you have a particularly interesting fixture, the ceiling can be it’s contrasting color forcing that light or fan to be the main item in the room.


Playing around with colors introduces you to brand new styles that you never thought you’d like At Graystone Painting, we can help bring those new styles to life. Contact us today!