How often should I paint my house?

The ideal interval length between exterior paint jobs is a tricky topic and one we’re asked about frequently.

The answer will be unique for each house because it depends on the type of siding material, the quality of the previous paint job, and the weather conditions the house encounters.

Quality of the previous paint job

This is the biggest variable in determining how long your home should go between paint jobs. Single coats of low-quality paint will never hold up nearly as well as a primed, two coat job using top quality paint.

Though you may not know the paint quality or the number of coats applied during the last paint job, evaluate the condition of the paint now. Is it faded? Look for indications of paint damage by searching for chalky, cracked, flaking, or rotting patches.

If those conditions are present anywhere on the home’s exterior, it’s best to start planning for a new paint coating in the near future. Leaving a home with a paint job that has reached the end of its life will result in damage to the siding material that will be more costly and time consuming later on.

Siding material

You can get a general idea of how long your home can go between paint jobs by knowing the material finish and how well that type of finish holds and maintains its paint.

Aluminum Siding: Painted about every five years

Wood siding: Painted every four to seven years, or stained every four years.

Stucco: Painted every five to six years.

Brick: Unpainted brick only needs to be power washed on occasion. Painted brick will need a new application every 15 to 20 years.

Weather conditions

Anyone who’s ever lived in Kansas can attest to the region’s full spectrum of extreme weather conditions. Our state features brutally cold winters with freezing wind chills at one end, to humid summers with high heat indexes at the other. These extremes affect the longevity of paint, especially if the house is located in direct sun without windbreaks.

The best solution for making your home’s paint job endure through variable weather patterns is by devoting time and effort to doing it well. Use the best quality paint you can afford and apply two coats on a well cleaned, evenly primed surface.

If you aren’t sure if your home needs a paint job now or if you can get another few years out of it, give us a call. We’re happy to give you a free estimate for painting and provide candid advice that will help you do the best for your house.