Prepping your home for winter

As temperatures have dropped over the past couple weeks it has become apparent that “Winter is Coming” and Graystone Painting and Refinishing would like to provide you some insightful tips on preparing your home for the cold of winter here in Kansas.

While we cling onto a few remaining weeks of autumn weather it is important to understand that painting and home maintenance are most successful when you proactively plan a season or two ahead. In this case, you have a golden opportunity NOW to protect your home before the unforgiving winter conditions arrive.

So, what can you do to help your home help survive the cold Kansas winter?


  • Prep – Now is the time to check for peeling or flaking paint, and for any signs of wood rot as well. Taking preventive measures now will not only save you from a more costly wood repair or repaint down the road, but it also helps seal moisture out and prevent rotting entirely.
  • Clean – Pressure washing is recommended as yearly maintenance in the spring, but it’s also valuable in the fall. Removing mold, mildew, and other debris that can deteriorate your exterior paint finish is recommended to avoid paint or siding damage in the future.
  • Landscape – Trimming bushes, shrubs, and trees away from your home prior to painting. The friction created from trees and bushes rubbing on your home often results in paint damage or wood rot. Spending a few hours trimming branches and leaves can make an enormous difference and extend the life of your paint.
  • Caulk – Latex caulking protect your home from moisture and wood rot, but it also seals your home and improves insulation. You’ll appreciate the extra protection on those chilly Kansas mornings! We recommend removing any damaged caulking with a putty knife and applying new caulking to windows and doors to minimize airflow and moisture penetration.
  • Gutters – Your home’s gutters and downspouts are invaluable, drawing potentially harmful water and debris away from the house. Make sure your gutters are clear (especially as the leaves begin to fall). The backup caused by leaves and limbs can create a build-up of water resulting in wood rot or water leaks into your home.


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