Refinish the trim in your home

When discussing interior painting needs with clients, I hear the same thing over and over regarding trim: homeowners want to paint the wood trim in their home, but are afraid of the work, cost, or don’t want to change the original woodwork. While refinishing the trim in a home is a major project, it can also have a major impact on your home’s interior.

To paint or not to paint

If you live in an older or historic home, you may worry that painting the trim will affect the value or aesthetics of your home. Ultimately, it is a personal choice. Trim and paint, like all interior design trends, go through ups and downs. While plenty of dark woodwork is common in turn of the century homes, many midcentury homes favored painted trim.

If you and your partner disagree on whether or not to paint the trim in your home, try compromising with a combination of painted and original woodwork. Leave doors and trim on the first floor their original color, but paint the trim in rooms on the upper floors. Likewise, leave original trim around doors and windows but paint the baseboards, chair rails, or crown molding.

Refinishing damaged trim

Like other parts of our home’s finishes, trim can become damaged over time. Scrapes, dings, holes, or scratches can age trim; if you like the current color of your trim but need it to be refreshed, refinishing may be the answer.

Trim may not need to be removed in order to be refinished. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the trim to remove any paint trips, dirt, or other buildup. Sand the wood and fill small holes with putty; soft wood putty is available in a wide array of shades in order to best match the existing finish. Apply a matching stain to hide any remaining dings or scratches, then finish with a fresh coat of polyurethane.

Painting trim

In the Topeka area, we see lots of homes with the now out- of-style honey oak trim. If your house is filled with a trim color you don’t like, painting it may be the best option. Removing trim before painting is the most effective way to get a smooth, even finish. Depending on the age of your home, chemical paint remove may be a better option than sanding; this is especially true if your home was built before 1975 when lead paints were common. Once prepped, trim can be easily painted using a sprayer to get the perfect color and finish for your home.

Trust Graystone Painting & Refinishing

No matter the size of the home, refinishing trim is a major project. For professional help, contact the experts at Graystone Painting & Refinishing. Our staff can help make your dream home a reality by refinishing the trim in your home to match your decor and color scheme. Contact us today for more information about refinishing trim or to request a quote for your next project.