Should I Repaint My Garage?

Painting the bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen is pretty common. There are several blogs, articles, videos, and more floating around about the best color scheme and styles for these rooms. What tends to get overlooked is the garage. Unless you have it converted into a different type of room, usually, the garage is barely seen. You park your car or grab a few things that are stored, but you’re not spending hours like you would in the living room or bedroom. Because of that, the garage is often one of the last rooms to get a fresh coat of paint or finished at all. In this blog, we wanted to explain why repainting your garage will help give the room a boost.

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  • Stick To A Solid Shade: Unless you’re planning on converting the garage into a full workshop, art studio, etc. you don’t really need to worry about going crazy with the colors. It’s still going to be an area that’s not stayed in often compared to the other rooms. Instead, stick to solid, neutral colors. Think of a warm white, a gray, a tan, and more. No matter what the color scheme is throughout the rest of the house, a neutral color will always fit in.
  • Stick To A Lighter Shade: Because the garage tends to feel a little closed off, dark color will only make it feel smaller and even more uninviting. Dark colors can work for accent colors, but for the main color, stick to a lighter shade to help open the room up more.
  • Accent Features: Sticking with one color can be a little boring, even if it’s helping make the space bigger. Similar to other rooms in the house, accent colors add depth to the room. You can use one color with different hues or work two different colors to have the same effect.

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