Soft Colors For A Nursery

Colors have a huge impact on adults. It affects their psyche, which can impact their mood, physical wellbeing, and more. Color affects children the same way, but it’s more intense because their brain is still developing. Soft, pastel colors are a staple in a nursery because it helps relax the child as they’re sleeping. Babies, especially newborns, sleep a lot because their bodies are growing and acclimating to functioning on their own. With these calming paint colors, your little one will be able to rest easy as they listen to their favorite lullaby staring at the calm colors of their room. Here are a few colors that will work with several themes, whether you have a little boy, a little girl, or you’re keeping the space neutral.

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● Muted Greens: Green is always associated with nature, the woods, and animals. It helps reduce anxiety and can boost concentration, which is perfect for a baby’s mind. From the second they’re born babies are always learning. Muted green can be paired with purples, blues, browns, seafoam green, and a variety of other soft colors.

● Subdued Blues: Gentle blues can often replicate the sky, so no matter what the weather is outside. It’s been known to lower the heart rate and respiration enough to fall asleep. It can also decrease aggression and anxiety, which can act as a natural sedative for newborns and toddlers fighting their sleep.

● Pale Purples: Purples often have the same calming properties as a blue. Too dark of a purple can clash a little for a nursery, so when you’re picking a light lavender or a lilac go one or two shades lighter than the first choice. You’ll notice how relaxing the room feels using the color this way.

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● Earthy Neutrals: If you’re having trouble trying to find the perfect color to paint the nursery, go with an earthy neutral color. They are a warm, grounding color that is extremely easy on the eye. We mean that literally. Light brown and beige don’t have a lot of color on their own, so it helps relax your baby’s eyes after a day of looking at bright colors from toys and games. This lack of color will help ease your little one into a restful sleep.


● Soft Whites: Similar to the earthy neutrals, soft whites can invoke that same restful feeling after a day of stimulation color. It can be paired with almost any color like browns, greens, blues, etc. When picking these colors, make sure they’re as soft as the white. Too much contrast can be too harsh for a nursery and have the opposite effect on the baby.