What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen?

Choosing the perfect color or colors for your kitchen can be a little tricky. Once you find that perfect combination, however, everything just seems to fall into place. The style you choose for the kitchen could influence the colors you use. On the flip side, some people choose the colors before the style. It really depends on what stands out the most to you and what needs to be done to the kitchen. Here are just a few color combinations to consider for your kitchen.

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• Warm Neutrals: Neutrals make choosing colors so much easier. They’re able to match or blend with almost any color in the spectrum. Warm neutrals help your kitchen appear cozy without feeling lackluster. These mid-range neutrals are perfect if you’re not 100% what you want the kitchen to be. Adding undertones of orange, red, or yellow can warm them up while blue, green, and even purple will cool down the color.

• Reds: Red is a vibrant color that demands the focus of the room. It gives off a retro vibe looking super crisp against white or grey. Add in some stainless steel appliances and your kitchen will pop!

• Browns: Browns can be looked over because they might turn out a little too muddy. What you may not realize is browns can help an earth-toned kitchen stand out. Mix it with dark and light greens or even blues. Turn your kitchen into a calm environment that helps you feel safe.

• Blues: Blues are often seen as bright and happy. Similar to the reds, it can give your kitchen a vintage vibe with a touch of modern. You can accent it with other shades of blue, greens, whites, and more!

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