What Color Should You Paint Your Hallway?

A perpetually overlooked area of the painting plan is always the hallway. Now, of course, we want the entire design of our home to be tied together, however, the truth is sometimes we find ourselves a few gallons of paint short because we forgot about the hallway. Hallways are the transitional spaces between rooms, so not only do they get less attention than a room where hours of time are spent, but they also can detract from a larger room’s feel if the hallways color or design is an eyesore. Additionally, due to a traditional lack of windows hallways tend to be much darker than other regions of your home and are harder to navigate at night. At the end of the day, the real question isn’t what color to paint your hallway. It’s how many colors or patterns should I integrate so the hallway doesn’t remain a dull useless detractor of your home’s overall interior design.

 White – The classic hallway choice, and for good reason! Darker homes need as much brightness as possible, especially when the hallways are traveled often or there are children or pets afoot leaving obstacles in their wake!

Types of Trim – If your home has a darker aesthetic, perhaps you can line your walkways and hallways with heavily contrasting trim. Bright or contrasting trim colors will be easy to spot so your walkway is illuminated without compromising your home’s overall design.

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Single Off-Color Wall – More of a design choice than a practical one but adding a single off-color to your hallway separates its form and function from the rest of the house. If a darker color is chosen to contrast a typically lighter color it can make the passageway feel larger and give a less boring design to walk through.

Decorative Ceilings – Ceiling based light fixtures are a must-have for hallways to make the most use of foot space, so give the light something to reflect off of and create a sparkling or abstract design to make your home’s decor one of a kind.

If you read this blog it most likely means you have a painting project you need to put the finishing touches on. The color and design of any room should be unique and the process should lead to the desired result. The freedom to paint or design your home is something we should take advantage of more so our homes reach the highest level of customization and personality possible. Just because a room like a study or a hallway might be less traveled or relatively unimportant to your design plan, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take full advantage of the opportunity to have every corner of your home be uniquely yours!