Your Spring Cleaning Checklist: How To Liven Up Your Home’s Exterior

While the painting is our specialty, we understand there are many other ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Cleaning up your property in an orderly and organized fashion will help you fast track your home improvement or selling goals. With the mild spring weather upon us, we suggest sticking to this spring cleaning checklist to get your property in order before the truly hot weather hits and prevents you from tackling some of these crucial tasks.

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  • Exterior Repaint:  One way to enhance the look of your home’s exterior is with a repaint or an upgrade to your current look. Adding a new color to your home can freshen up the look, fix any damages or cracks, and increase the value, overall. We recommend calling our team to help you with any exterior painting projects. 
  • Wash Siding:  A home’s siding is the largest, and most noticeable aspect of your home’s exterior. It takes very specific and careful maintenance to be in its best condition. Be sure to use a pressure washer to clean off all of the dirt and grime that’s accumulated throughout the winter. After pressure washing, scrub the troubled areas with warm soapy water and rinse again. This process may even restore your home’s exterior so it could appear as though you, in fact, got a fresh paint job!
  • Patio and porch:  During the winter, the porch and patio go relatively unused. This means these areas are constantly accumulating debris, and other dirt all through the winter, with no regular cleaning. By the start of spring, your porch can be riddled with cobwebs, twigs, and leaves, be sure to sweep all of these away and if necessary break out the hose and deck brush to clean any stains left by mud or standing water.

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  • Re-seal Your Driveway:  Not many things are as American as a fresh, smooth, crack-free, blacktop driveway. During the winter, most of us salt our driveways to prevent ice build-up. This powerful rock salt deicer can leave its white mark behind on many surfaces, namely your driveway. The spring is the ideal time to get a driveway seal coat to get rid of that salt residue, cracks, and other damages left during the winter. If you schedule early enough in the spring season you can have a fully repaired driveway before weeds and moss make their way through the cracks! Ideally, you should call a professional for this service but DIY kits are sold at most hardware stores!
  • Gutters:  Cleaning your gutters before the rainy season is very important if you want to prevent damages to your roof, or flooding within your yard. This process doesn’t focus much on curb appeal, but if your gutters and downspouts aren’t clear, they can overflow, flooding your outdoor living areas, and can leave dirty water stains down the side of your house, possibly compromising your siding. Be sure to remove all leaves and other debris from gutters, roofs, and downspouts. Finish this process by running a hose through your downspouts to clear any blockage. 

 Print and Keep this checklist somewhere you won’t forget it! Spring cleaning should be a gratifying and even a relaxing process when done right. If you procrastinate, you could find yourself with a myriad of eyesores or a financial nightmare instead of a lush green lawn and sparkling, clean, home exterior. Don’t leave your house to wallow in the filth of yesteryear, use these tips, and check back to our blog to stay up to date with all of the most trendy painting and home improvement topics.